Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yoga Meditation

I just started a course in "Yoga Meditation".  I was thinking relaxed, meditative postures.  Judging from the first class session though, it seems to be 50% calisthenics, 30% yoga, and 20% meditation.  So instead of quietly posing and meditating, I'm doing jumping jacks and leg lifts and all that stuff I hated in gym class! Oh well, I can approach it with more humor now, and I know I need to lose weight anyway.

Also, I'm the only guy in the class, which I always heard was a good reason to get into yoga -  but there's one woman who is about 27, and the rest are teenage girls.  Oh, and most of the class is conducted in Sinhala, which I have yet to learn.

But the teacher is supposed to be quite an expert, and is a really nice guy who helped me find a place to live, and he considers it an honor to have me in the class, so I'm sticking it out and seeing where it goes.  Before you know it I'll be jack-jumping into an... um... name some yoga pose here... while practicing the Jhanas - upside-down!